1. Important Note about delivery!
Dear Clients,
We believe every body knew the news about the Novel Corona Virus in China at the moment.
The problem is affected the Center city in China :Wuhan.
The virus problem is far from our location and will not affect our work so far.
Our goverment is taking the most powerful measure to control the the spreading of the virus. For example stop all the Public Meeting, Entertainment activities and transportation in some area. The public holiday also be extended.
Rito Dental staffs will start prepare all the orders for our clients from Jan 31 and ship as soon as the shipping company start their work.
The information from our shipping agent:
a. DHL will offer limited service from Feb 2, 2020, and fully service from Feb 10, 2020.
b. All other shipping service will start on Feb 10, 2020.
We will ship what we can ship from  Feb 2, 2020 and wish all our clients do great work in the new year !

2. Holiday Note!

Dear client,
We will  have our new year holiday from 18th Jan 2020 till 2nd Feb 2020.
Our service will be limited during the holiday.
 a. We can ship only the products which are in stock.
 b. If the products are out of stock during the holiday, we can ship the products till 10th Feb 2020.
 c. Please contact us for the stock and shipment time before paying your order if you need anything urgently.
Thank you very much and wish you all the best in 2020!!!

3. Please Caution About Scam Mail!!!
There are some scam cases around us. Such as the hacker hacked any e-mail of you or your contact. Then they will copy a very simliar e-mail account to cheat both side in the same time. They try all the way (telling many reasons) to change the banking information on the invoice and  push the buyer to pay to the NEW account (whatever with Western Union or bank transfer). 
Please contact us before doing anything, if you got e-mails asking you to transfer payment to a NEW account.
To avoid to be a victim:
1. Keep your E-mail Password save, DO NOT input your password to any link which you get from your e-mail.  
2. Call your supplier to confim if they are changing any banking infirmation for the deal.